May 30, 2014

When deciding what to design for my senior collection there were a hundred different ideas, colors and concepts I had in mind to represent my capabilities as a designer. It was important for me to show originality and my capacity to think outside of the box, but also reality. I wanted my viewers to be able to watch my pieces go down the runway and think of places, occasions, or scenarios they might be able to wear my clothes. As important as it is to be original, a collection still needs to be marketable and something the viewer would be enticed to purchase and incorporate into their wardrobe. I had to keep all this in mind while brainstorming. 

In past years my focus was solely gowns. Although I knew my senior collection would have to have a gown in it, because this is me we're talking about, I wanted to show that I could do ready-to-wear products as well. Building around the gown, I thought it would be a fun idea to make something more flirty and less formal like a cocktail dress. From this point, I already had two dresses so I thought a good way to switch it up and show I had interests outside of dresses, would be to add a more sleek and sophisticated blazer paired with some playful shorts. 

The process of putting this collection together on top of all my other classes and commitments took a little over 8 months with many all-nighters and a plethora of skinny vanilla lattes. My biggest road block throughout this whole process was getting sick with a week and a half of time left until the show rendering me almost immobile for about a week before the show. This left me only days to finish the middle look (the cocktail dress) which was originally supposed to be rather detailed with sequined scallops. With such a short amount of time left, I had to reevaluate my plan and go for something a little more simple. I ended up patterning a simple A-line Skirt in all rose gold sequins, and paired it with a seemingly simple white blouse.... Until you turned around. The back featured and upside-down triangle which I lined with more sequins. I ended up more pleased with this outfit strangely enough. The audience received this ensemble  with the most enthusiasm and I had several people ask me to design one for them. Coincidentally this was probably the easiest ensemble out of the entire collection, only taking me about half a day to throw together.  

As much as I love color, in the end I thought creams, beige and white colors would be the most classic and beautiful and would remain tasteful as well as timeless. The touch of rose gold sequins that can be found throughout the pieces is just a little touch of Kristen.

"Go to bed with a dream. Wake up with a purpose. And above all, dress to kill"