May 20, 2014

In our week long tour of Spain we visited Barcelona, Valencia, and the beach town of Sitches.
All photos below are owned, edited, and taken by me :)

The weather in Spain during in mid March is fairly warm and comfortable, although most of the Spanish were dressed for the fashion season in heavy winter-gear. I took to the streets in an ensemble slightly more summer inspired.
Crop Top: Forever21
Harem Pants: Forever21
Cardi: Talbots
Watch: Gucci
Sunglasses: Thrifted Raybans
Lipstick: Del Rio by MAC 
Nails: Revlon

We spent most of our first day exploring the works of the famous Catalonian artist, architect and sculptor Antoni Gaudi, or more simply known as just Gaudi.

This site along with Casa Baullo can now be crossed off of my travel bucket list.

The line to enter Gaudi's Cathedral was all the way around the block so we were only able to admire the outside. There was a copius amount of construction taking place, but it was difficult to take away from the monstrous cathedral and its trillions of intricacies. 

My #ootd for exploring and shopping
Bracelet: Thomas Sabo
Sunglasses: Thrifted RayBans
Floral Headband: ZARA
Sweater: Strativarius
Lipstick: Brave by MAC
I picked the Bailey's flavored one obviously ;)


The later the night went on the more people arrived ready to party and ready to blow up the huge painted sculptures. To start the destruction, the night sky was lit with a multitude of fireworks in every color on the strike of midnight...

A nearby cathedral had a tower you could climb to the top of that overlooked the entire festival, when we got to the top we realized not only could you see the multitude of flowers, but a neverending view of the city.

We then traveled to a little beach resort about 20 minutes outside of Barcelona. Although it was only small, Sitches might also be another one of my favorite parts of the trip. The town was simply enchanting, with little pastel colored bed and breakfasts strung along the coastline and palm tress to shade the table and chairs where tourists clustered to sip on their afternoon martinis while watching the tide come in....

On our last day we decided to head back to Barcelona for one more look of the beautiful city.

I do not know where I will be going next, but I know I will not be staying in the same place, and I will constantly be looking for the extra in the ordinary.

xo Kristen