January 19, 2015

I was on the bridge about buying a Clarisonic for quite a while due to the price and wondering how affective it really is. The price of a Clarisonic, depending on which one you choose, can range from $100-$250 which I think is relatively expensive for a cleansing device. But.... eventually curiosity took hold of me and I broke down and just purchased it one day a few weeks back.

I purchased Mia1 which is the original and also the cheapest. The difference between Mia 1, 2, 3 and PRO are only minor things like speed settings and additional time on the warranty. Although the speed settings are nice, I don't find them important enough to spend the extra $50-$100. I have actually used my boyfriend's PRO a few times and I love my Mia just as much and think it does just as good of a job at cleansing my skin!

In regards to usage I only use mine at night after I have already removed my make up. I feel like if I don't remove my makeup first, it is just mixing it all around on the top of my face instead of actually cleansing. You only need to use it for about a minute or so at night, it turns off on its own. Once a night is perfect for me. I think using it morning and night might be a little bit too harsh on my skin, but it all just depends on the person! I have read a lot of reviews claiming that the Clarisonic can sometimes break you out for the first week or two, this was not the case for me.

When using, I would not push down too hard as it may irritate the skin. Also I would avoid using it directly under the eyes. The skin under your eyes is known for being very soft and more tender then the rest of the skin on your face and is one of the first areas to show aging, so I try my best to avoid that area. I'm only 22 so I know signs of aging isn't really a major concern right now, but I don't think its a bad idea to cleanse cautiously! 

So in regards to the question, "Is it worth the money?" I would say that would depend on what you want out of it. Does it completely clear up all skin problems like acne and zits..? No, not in my opinion. I think many factors are involved in clearing up acne including what you put into your body. So the Clarisonic helps... but is not a miracle worker or anything.  Is it the best thing out there to cleanse the skin on your face? Yes. Now that I have gotten used to it, I am addicted to how my face feels after washing with it. If I go a few days without it, I feel like my skin is congested or full of black heads. I definitely notice a major difference in brightness, easiness to apply my make up, and overall feel of my face when I use it. So to me it is worth the money, and definitely a beauty purchase that will last a long time with a noticeably positive affect.