March 2, 2015

If you are coming out of school or just feel like making your "look" more grown up and sophisticated..... Here are some tips I have learned in the past year. I hope you like!

1. Substitute a statement necklace for a bold scarf
As fun and sometimes glamourous a big, over-the-top necklace can be, something about about a silk scarf is more unexpected and makes for a more opulent overall look.

2. Use matte instead of shimmer makeup
When I think of all the most classic and elegant women in history... Audrey Hepburn, Jackie O., Anna Wintour.... None of them glistened. As much as I love my Naked Pallete and shimmer bronzers, all that shimmer is better for a "glamourous night-out" look. A mattefied eyeshadow and a mattefied bronzer tends to make your make-up look seem more more grown up and sophisticated.

3. Dont go too Tight, or too Loose
Ultra skin tight dresses, skirts, tops, or anything in general that is made entirely of stretch fabric, are great for going out... But on a regular day to day basis... An outfit that skims the body more loosely is a sharper over-all ensemble. That being said, swimming in your clothes is also the opposite of sophisticated so don't do that either.

4. Shades
Believe it or not, you can create a lot of gorgeous and unique ensembles with neutral colors! I've gotten really into pale pinks with black and white or grey lately. Neutrals easily make your outfit look effortless, like you "just threw it on" as oppose to forcing a cohesive color scheme of over the top shades.

5. Monochrome
If you absolutely love colors a really fun and unexpected way of making bright colors look more sophisticated is to make your whole outfit the same color with different levels of saturation and intensity... Here's an example if I didn't explain that very well.

6. Pick your fabric wisely
Beauty is in the details, the content of your clothing is so important when trying to build a foundation for your closet. Look at the tag and read the fiber content, look for natural fibers that will hold up longer and better over time instead of synthetic fabrics. For example... Cotton, silk and wool are all natural fibers. Avoid high percentages of polyester.

7. Pick one sexy feature
If you are going to show a lot if cleavage, don't show midriff. If you are going to show a lot of leg, try to subdue the cleavage. One sexy feature at a time, my favorite is showing off my back or shoulders.

8. Classic Nails
I love french tip nails, but french tip with hott pink or lime green tips is really young looking. I prefer to only paint my nails hot red, pale pink, or french.... Sometimes black if I'm feeling edgy. Year after year these have remained the most classic colors for nails.