March 23, 2015

Hello to my festival and rave-goers, festival season is among us! The Coachella line-up looks amazing (as usual), the EDC countdown has officially started.... I have a few friends attending some of the big ones this year, the real question is what is everyone wearing? I'm not as into going to those kind of events as I used to be, but I love getting on Facebook and seeing what everyone else is wearing! Here are some of the fashion and beauty essentials I used to bring and wear!

BEAUTY: What to bring

-large hand mirror (there aren't mirrors if you're out in the wilderness)
-eye drops
-make-up wipes
-wet wipes (for feet, hands, etc.)
-first aid kit (bandaids, burn cream, Tylenol, etc.)
-bottled water (to wash your hair at your campsite so you won't have to stand in long lines for a 2 minute shower)
-clear make-up bag (I prefer large clear plastic sandwich bags when I'm camping so that I can see where everything is without having to dig)


-Sneakers: Sandals will definitely get ruined at a festival it's also just bad news to have your feet exposed when your dancing with so many people, sneakers will protect your feet and will also be more comfortable for lots of standing and walking
-Small bag: This could either be a fanny pack, small backpack of cross-body bag. The smaller the bag, the better!
-Sunglasses: I like the 3D prism glasses for shows
- Ear Plugs: This might sound strange, but ear plugs actually enhance the musical aspect of the show!
-Laundry bag: So you don't have to mix dirty clothes with clean ones

(Affordable)Websites to shop at:
Little Black Diamond
Rave Ready
Etsy Rave Bras
Sabo Skirt
River Island
Thread Sence
Gypsy Warrior
2020 AVE
Luna Vintage
Coal N Terry (they have the coolest denim shorts!)

Here are a few of my favorite pieces that I would wear!
These $110 shorts from Coal and Terry Vintage are perfect because they are cute and edgy all in one, get them here.
I'm not afraid to go overboard and show a little toooo much skin, especially at a festival! So I would totally wear this $52 swimsuit from Tobi underneath the shorts to make it look like an ultra-sexy top. You can get it here. (They also have more conservative tops if this is a little too skimpy for your taste.)

I didn't include American Apparel in my list, but they make great fanny packs. This one is ultra feminine and only $24. Get it here.

 I've never purchased ETY Plugs, but I have a few friends who have them and love them! Get them here.

This $46 lace kimono from 2020AVE is just so delicate and pretty to wear while your lying in the grass or chilling at your campsite and will easily fold up and tuck into a backpack without being heavy or taking up too much room, get it here.

This little playsuit from Sabo Skirt would be perfect for Coachella, and it is also a really reasonable price (AUS $48/USD $38) you can find it here.