March 25, 2015

I will never get enough of pampering myself with some kind of new makeup product, I love creams and powders, and I am OBSESSED with lipstick!! Having an infatuation with make-up and beauty starts to add up after a while, and now that I am supporting myself after college, I really want products that are worth their value! This is a list of all the basic makeup products I use on my face every day that I either splurge, or save on. Enjoy! :) 

BB Cream: Save
I absolutely love my Garnier BB Cream, I've used samples of other high-end creams but they seem very similar if not the same to the Garnier one, and they are usually triple the price. 

Foundation & Concealer: Splurge
Foundation and concealer both sit on your skin and are often absorbed into your pores, so I personally think the higher quality products are usually a little bit better for your skin, they also have a lot better coverage and pigmentation, and they will apply for a much smoother look. If you can only afford to splurge on one... Pick foundation. 
My favorites: 
-MAC Studiofix Pro Longwear
-Estee Lauder Double Wear

Powder: Splurge 
I hate spending tons of money on a powder because I go through about 2 a month, but ya gotta do it! Anything that sits on your skin for several hours at a time is worth investing in, in my book. 
My favorites: 
-Sephora Brand 8 HR Mattifying Compact 
Bronzer & Blush: Splurge OR Save
I feel like a lot of people will disagree with me on this one. Although I prefer and think it's more fun to buy fancy/expensive blushes or bronzers... I often find that I get very similar results from the grocery store brand blushes as I do from the designer brand ones. Bronzers I can see a little more of a difference in... But not a huge.
My favorites: 
-Bobbi Brown Bronzing Powder

Highlighter: Save 
I've used the very raved about highlighter from MAC (warm and gentle) for a long time and although I like it, I don't think it's worth the price. I have a highlighter by Hard Candy that is half the price and just as good. I've also used eye shadow as a highlighter before, and I swear it looks just as good! Save on this one.
-Hard Candy Luminizer

Eye Shadow: Splurge
Drug store eye shadow has very low pigment which means the color isn't as rich, so it is going to require a lot more effort and product to get the same look as a quality eye shadow. High quality eye shadow also has finer grains so it will stay on your lids for longer whereas drugstore eyeshadow will fade and wear off very easily. 
My favorites: 
-Urban Decay 

Eyeliner: Save 
I think there are a lot of really great quality eyeliners out there that are inexpensive. I'm currently using a liquid liner from MAC and I really don't see a difference at all. If you are on a budget, I would definitely save on eyeliner. 

Mascara: Save 
You aren't supposed to keep mascara longer then 2 months since mascara tubes are a huge breeding ground for bacteria, definitely save on this one and purchase drugstore mascaras. 

Brushes: Splurge and Save
I used to not think brushes were that important, but they are seriously everything! My make up looks WAY smoother, more natural and less cakey since I've started buying nice brushes, I promise it makes a world of difference when applying my face in the morning. Buy nice brushes and take care of them by washing them regularly so you can have them for years to come. That being said, I think there are really good brushes that you can find at the drugstore like Real Techniques or Eco Tools that are on par with the designer brushes! :)
My favorites: Any brush from MAC or Sephora or Real Techniques 

Lipstick: SPLURGE!
If you haven't already noticed from reading this post, I am a huge MAC Cosmetics fan. Quality lipstick is an absolute must and is my favorite make up product to purchase! I notice a HUGE difference between department store lipsticks and drugstore ones. Nice lipstick just applies better, lasts longer, has richer color and just has a much more polished overall look to it. Every now and then I find a Revlon lipstick that is nice, but overall there is a pretty noticeable difference between drugstore and designer lipsticks in my opinion. MAC lipsticks are very reasonably priced considering the quality is so much better. I also like NARS lipsticks.