April 15, 2015

I have been dying my hair in a salon as well as on my own for a really long time and I have learned quite a lot of tips/tricks as well as do's and don'ts along the way. Much of this post will be on how to do it yourself, hopefully salon-goers will be able to take back from this too! That being said, dying your hair darker is really easy, if you are going for highlights or all over blonde, I really think it should be done in a salon by a professional unless you really know what you are doing. Going blonde is such a different ball game compared to going darker.

 (PS. This is my favorite hair pic ever! I can't decide who's locks I love more!)

What you need
1. Hair Dye and Developer- Don't buy the boxed dyes that you always see in the grocery store they are horrible quality and will fade quickly. Beauty supply stores will have better dyes and the people who work there will be able to advise you on what color will compliment your skin tone best.
2. Color Sealer- This is really important especially if you color your hair often, the damage done to your hairs will make each strand very porous, a sealer will lock in the new color and help the color  stay vivid for longer.
3. Biotin
4. Gloves
5. Hair Masks/Deep Conditioners
6. Avocado- A GREAT source of nutrients for your hair
7. Dye Brush- This will help get in the roots and the hairs around your ears
8. Shampoo without sulfates- Shampoos with lots of chemicals especially sulfates will dull the color of your hair.

Prep for coloring
When you are planning to color your hair, its important to go in to the battle fully prepared! Make sure you are taking your biotin, and drinking lots of water. The most important thing is to be doing as many deep conditions and hair masks as possible. I usually try to get at least 3 deep conditions in before coloring. 

The actual coloring part is really easy and there will be directions that come with the dye and developer. I prefer to start at the top and get my roots where my hair parts first, since its really noticeable if you miss that area. When you get in the shower to wash it all out, do not use shampoo, this will really mess with the quality and vibrancy of the color. It is also really important to use cold water to wash out the dye, hot water will keep the pores on your hair strands open and they will not hold in as much color. That part really is uncomfortable but the results will be much better if you can wash it all out under cold water. I usually will stand under the hot water with my head out of the stream for a few minutes and then switch the faucet to cold and just put my head under and alternate back and forth like that (yes I know, that is a lot of fuss). If you color your hair a lot, it is much better to take lukewarm showers, since the heat from the shower is damaging on your hair.

After you have colored your hair make sure to use the color sealer at least every other time you shower. Deep condition as much as possible, if you have the time and energy to deep condition every night, I have heard it really helps. I only usually deep condition every 2-3 days. Continue to use shampoo without sulfates and chemicals and continue to take your biotin. Also if you really want to nourish your hair, mush up half an avocado until it is a thick paste and use it as a hair mask. It smells really weird, and is a little difficult to wash out, but I really do think it makes a huge difference and I have found that using natural remedies on your hair and skin are often better then a lot of store bought options.

If you hate this idea, I would highly recommend: H'Suan Wen Hua Hair Treatment from LUSH, it smells spicey which but it makes your hair feel so so soft.