May 13, 2015

So shooting an outfit in the rain was a bit of an endeavor to say the least but something I will have to learn to work with, since that's basically all it does here. I wasn't as pleased with how these photos turned out, but I loved the simple yet romantic feel of the outfit and wanted to share these photos nonetheless. This WAYF (Where Are You From) dress has a such a strong "Pride and Prejudice" feel to me, the pictures don't do it enough justice. The way the fabric floats around in such an airy manner, makes me feel like a story book character that is about to be whisked off into the sunset...... or something to that effect. I thought I would add a touch of London to the simple look with my Burberry umbrella that Rod got me for my birthday, I am so in love with it. I love how the handle is a little glass knob, it makes walking around in the rain feel slightly more glamorous (as glamorous as walking in the rain could be possibly be lol).
Dress: WAYF / Necklace: Christian Dior / Umbrella: Burberry / Shoes: Forever21

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