August 6, 2015

When I took these photos I was hoping I looked more bronzed then usual since I layed out a few days ago and was feeling so proud of myself for getting some sun........ FAIL. Just try and pretend my skin is darker for the sake of the outfit. Pastels look much better on girls with darker skin in my opinion but I just can't stay away. On a more positive note, uhmm how awesome are these shoes?! These are the python runway heels that were in the Gucci Spring '15 show, they came in a few different colors but I fell madly in love with the natural ones, I thought they were more timeless. Since the 70's vibe has been rolling full steam ahead in high-fashion literally for years now, I figured I may as well jump on the bandwagon and follow the lead of all the other fashion/blogger wannabee girls (cuz lets be real bloggers all copy one another like a pack of sheep) and get on the fringe binge.

(Will post outfit links later)