October 31, 2015

(I was talking in this one, probably bossing my photographer around lol)

Pants: Lucca Couture // Shoes: Aminah Abdul Jillil

I know I haven't been writing as much in my blog posts lately, I have just been trying to let the outfits speak for themselves! I have been working with an old friend from high school on some higher quality photos lately and have been loving how it's worked out! I normally only post about 5 photos an outfit, but my photographer Russell has done such a good job I couldn't help but post all of his great shots in this post. If you are in the Portland area and are looking to have portraits done definitely check out Russell Warner, he is a great listener and really knows how to capture the essence you are going for. 

On another note, I have really neglected the other aspects of my blog that don't surround clothes and fashion. I will be posting lots of reviews on products and some really random yet helpful beauty tricks I have learned in the past few months! :) Also, I just found out that I will be going to Australia in the spring! I am so so excited!!! I am very overdue for some quality time with my family down there! I am really excited to make some posts sharing my travel tips, how to last a 15+ hour flight, and just some different ideas on traveling that I haven't been able to share for a while since I have been focusing on work for the past 2 years.