November 6, 2015

I purchased this coat last winter from Forever21 because I just love pink and never ended up wearing it very much, but for some reason I have been reaching for it constantly this fall! It just goes with the rest of my wardrobe so well and is so easy to just throw over an all black outfit. I recently just purchased a really darling ice blue coat from NastyGal that didn't fit me at all... so, currently I am still on the hunt for the perfect pale blue (or) light grey coat for this winter.

I visited Uvillage for the first time the other day. I am a terrible tourist, its taken me forever to get around and see all the main/well-known locations in the Seattle area. Slowly but surely, I will get there. I tried the Village's newest restaurant, Piatti Ristorante & Bar for lunch and drinks, I thought it was really cute, and really busy! (considering it is really new), I am always a such a huge sucker for Italian food though, I think it is good no matter what, so my opinion is pretty bias.

Anyways, almost all the pieces from this outfit are old so I can't link them, but here are a few similar pieces that you can buy:

Coat // Scarf