January 8, 2016

I am starting my year off with a clean make up box and getting rid of all my clutter! In the process of my clean out, I wanted to share some of the products I think are the BEST I have used in 2015, my holy grail items if you will.

I use to love experimenting with different lip colors and eye shadows, usually on the lower end of the price spectrum since that's all I could afford at the time, but now I would I rather find a few beautiful products that I know work and look great on me instead of experimenting with every new color that comes out.

If you want to get a few nicer makeup products and don't know where to start, or you just want to try some new things that work without wasting your money on over-hyped products.... these are 5 makeup items I guarantee are worth every single penny and that I am absolutely obsessed with.

 1. BECCA Blacklight Priming Filter $38 - Sephora
I have never been a big primer fan, I really thought it was a waste of a step when putting my make up on in the morning. However I stand SO corrected. I will never go without this primer again. I cannot even tell you how much of a difference it makes to the finished look, this stuff is Victoria Secret model in a bottle (rhyme unintended). I have tried primers from Clinique, L'Oreal, Too Faced.... None of them will hold a candle to the Becca Blacklight Priming Filter. I don't like reapplying my makeup throughout the day, I want to put it on once and be done with it. Just one pump, my makeup is on-point 12 hours later, it's amazing!!!! The texture is very creamy and decadent, it almost feels like putting lotion on your face, however it does comes out very shimmery which worried me at first... I don't like being too sparkly, but once you put your make up on over it, it just gives you a tiny hint of healthy glow. It is a little bit on the pricier side for just a primer, but I swear it is so worth it, this is a holy grail product for me!

 2. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation $38 - Nordstrom
I started wearing the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation about 9 months ago via recommendation from Amber Fillerup from Barefoot Blonde (she is gorg, I will try literally ANY-thing she recommends lol), and since then I haven't looked back. This is a very very full coverage foundation, so if you are the type of person who prefers more of a sheer/natural look, this might not be the best option for you. If you are a foundation girl like me and prefer something more heavy duty, this is the alpha and omega of foundations. This covers... everything up. I don't personally think $38 is a lot of money to spend on foundation since it is such an important step of my makeup routine, but if this is a lot of money for you... I will let you know a little bit goes a really long way since it is so thick. So a bottle of this will last you a really long time.

3.  Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation $36 - Sephora
Typing this out, I am just now realizing that I use 2 different products categorized as "foundation" in my makeup routine, however I use the Cover FX pressed mineral foundation as a powder on top of my actual foundation. I love this because it is full coverage, it is mattifying, and it doesn't oxidize into a different color over time. I used to love the Sephora brand compacts, but I found that after a few hours they look really cakey and unnatural. I like this brand much more then BareMinerals because I hate the way BareMinerals is packaged, it is so messy in my opinion, so no matter how good it may be, I just can't handle the layer of dust it leaves all over everything after you use it. Additionally, if you are a MAC powder girl.... you should really really consider converting to Cover FX powders and foundations instead. MAC face products are so bad for your skin, especially if you are prone to breakouts or flare ups. The powder and foundation can actually make your skin worse and more dependent on the full coverage products over a period of time. Cover FX has the same amount of coverage, same look, and the same consistency as many MAC face products and is far more healthier for your skin. I will definitely be using this compact for a while, I love so many things about it.

4. Number 46 Brush: Multitask Complexion $34 - Sephora
My favorite thing about this brush is that it doesn't leave a mess everywhere. Big fluffy powder brushes often make a huge mess and half the product doesn't even end up on your face. I use the 46 brush for powder because it is SO easy to use, it does a much more efficient job at getting into all the corners of your face and has cut down my getting ready time dramatically. You can also use this brush for bronzer, blush, powder... it just has so many uses and it's very precise. I would recommend this brush to seriously anyone, even if you aren't a big make up person.... this brush is just so easy to use and such a staple to any make up box.

5. CHANEL Rouge Allure Long-wear Lip Color $37 - Neiman Marcus
Once I upgraded from drugstore lipsticks to MAC lipsticks, I was astounded that I could have ever used anything different. Now I've started using Tom Ford and Chanel lipsticks every now and then when I feel like treating myself, and wow do I notice a difference! Lipstick is just one of those things that will always make me feel feminine. No matter what I am wearing or what I am doing... When I put on lipstick I just feel like a woman. So why not invest in the best? I think it's common knowledge that I love Chanel anything, but lately I am just mesmerized by Tom Ford as a person, he is just an electrifying human being. He just has that X factor that can move millions, yet only one in a million will possess.... So OBVIOUSLY if he is going to make a lipstick I am going to have to have it. Can't afford the shoes yet, but the lipstick I can handle. There is something about expensive lipstick that is just ultra glamorous.. and Covergirl will never compare. If all else fails, buy Chanel lipstick. Or Tom Ford. Just for the feeling of it.