February 25, 2016

I think everyone knows that traveling is very very harsh on your skin, especially the flight. My upcoming trip to Australia is what prompted me to do this blog post. The main flight down can be anywhere from 13-17 hours long depending on the wind. I have been going back and forth to see my family most of my life, here are some of the things I have learned along the way to keep fresh and beautiful while traveling!

Drink plenty of water beforehand
This might be the most important one. Before a long flight I always drink a LOT of water the whole week prior, and I mean a lot. I always break out when I am not drinking water regularly just in my day to day routine... so if I don't stay hydrated before, during and after a long airplane flight, my skin is a reck the whole week after and nobody wants that when they are traveling. I think it is better to build up your hydration beforehand because you never know who you will be sitting next to, and unless you pre-planned being in an aisle seat, you don't want to constantly bother the person in the seat next to you by getting up every 45 minutes to go to the bathroom, so this is why I drink as much water as I can several days before my longer flights.

Do an oxygen mask before and after
I did this the last time I went to Europe and it made all the difference. Breathing in all that recycled air of 400+ people is just nasty if you think about it! A good oxygen mask to prepare and repair your skin before and after the flight is such a nice little treat for your skin. I have read a lot of fashion bloggers post that they do these in the middle of the flight... which I think is a little weird if you are sitting in coach with a bunch of strangers. BUT if you don't feel silly doing that, then more power to you. I think it just makes more sense to do one before and after. I'm using Dr. Brandt Facial Oxygen for this trip, I will probably write a review on it afterwards.

DON'T wear make up for a flight longer then 3 hours
This one is soooo important. Wearing make up on a plane ride longer then a few hours is just as bad as sleeping in your make up. Maybe worse. I used to make this mistake when I was younger and didn't know any better and would wear foundation, powder, eyeshadow, etc on long flights and when it started looking nasty half way through the flight... I would just apply a little more as needed. Typing this out, I actually feel so disgusted that I used to even do that!

Try to sleep 
I know this is hard for a lot of people, my mom has a terrible time sleeping on flights. There is no better rejuvinator then sleeping, and flying into a different time zone is kind of confusing for the body, so it's better to just nap it out. I will be taking off at 6 in the afternoon in the US, and will arrive in Australia at 9 am two days later (travel will only take 1 day, but I will lose a day crossing into a different time zone). Trippy.

Make sure to use a good serum, a good night cream, and an intense eye cream. This trio will never fail. I do not use a serum every night, only every couple of nights when my skin needs an extra boost. While you are en-flight, your skin could definitely use a boost, my favorite ones are Clarins Double Wear or the Clinique Smart Treatment. On my eyes I use Ole Henriksen Fresh Start, and I change night creams every couple of months so I don't have a favorite, but right now I am currently using one from Korres.

Don't use the water in airplane bathrooms
I think it is common knowledge that it isn't totally safe to drink the water that comes out of the tap in the airplane bathrooms... And it is the same reason that you shouldn't use this water to wash your face. The tanks that store that water are only cleaned out a few times a month, so the tap water on airplanes is highly likely to be carrying tons of bacteria from all over the world. I personally don't even like to wash my hands in it, especially since I touch my face a lot. It is best to either wait until you get off the plane to wash your face, or to use bottled water.