REVIEW | CHANEL Perfection Lumiere Foundation

April 5, 2016

I will just start this post by letting everyone know... The shopping in Syndey Airport, isn't messing around. They have just about every brand, stand and store you could ever imagine JUST in the airport!! And it's all duty free!! So naturally with a 4 hour layover, there was no way I was leaving without something.

I've been running low on my Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation, and all though I stand by that little brown and gold bottle to the very end... I will admit I have always been itching to try out a Chanel Foundation. I have a few of their gorgeous lipsticks and mascaras that are really exquisite quality, so naturally venturing a little further down the rabbithole of the Chanel Beauty rhelm was something that was inevitable. I asked the girl at the counter what was the most full coverage liquid foundation available and she recommended Perfection Lumiere.

So here is the 411.
If I had to narrow down my thoughts with 3 key points, it would be these...

-Difficult to apply
The packaging and the scent of this foundation are my two favorite things. It smells amazing, and feminine, and decadent and all the glamorous things you would want a high-end foundation to smell like. The classic clear & black packaging does not disappoint either. I will say, it isn't my favorite to apply. I usually apply my foundation with a brush, but I feel like this one just gets lost in the bristles and doesn't really leave your skin with any coverage. I had a much better time applying it with my fingers directly on the places I needed it. You really need to use a lot to get a decent amount of coverage, I have to use up to 3 pumps to get it spread evenly on my face. A little bit does not go a long way at all with this stuff.

-Airbrush Finish
With all that being said.... once the foundation is on and has settled into the skin. It truly does look "perfect" and "luminous" and it does not oxidize into an orangey color once it is set in unlike a lot of other foundations. It almost gives your skin a velvety look, like you have been airbrushed. It stays on for a relatively long time without needing to be touched up and it mixed really well with my bronzer and blush.

-Good for already good skin
As much as it does look very pretty once settled into the skin.... its just one of those foundations that only looks really great if you are already having a great skin day. It is not very high coverage so even if you have the slightest bump or redness.... it just doesn't cover it up at all and makes your face look cakey. This is not a foundation that I will reach for on a regular basis like my Estee Lauder Double Wear. I just don't think it is a very good every day foundation, BUT I will continue to wear it if I have clear skin or have a special occasion that I need to look extra nice for. With the right circumstances, it really is able to make your skin look perfect. 
You can purchase it for $58.00 at Chanel // Nordstrom // Neiman's


  1. I just bought this foundation as well and find it very difficult to apply. I think I need to be more patient. When the woman at Macy's applied it for me (she used a brush), I got so many compliments on my skin. However, I'm noticing that it looks "streaky" when I use a brush and I have to start over. You're right - the scent is amazing!