April 1, 2016

Sweater: ChicWish // Coat: Forever21 (similar here and here) // Watch: Fossil // Bag: Gucci Soho Disco

It's always so hard coming back from vacation! All I want to do is book my next flight and get back to my escape from reality and work! Coming back the weather in Seattle has been great and ideal for shooting new outfit posts, I have a lot of new ones coming up and a big new idea in the works for sharing my outfit inspo that I can't wait to share very soon with everyone who reads my blog!!

I have been on a bit of a grey sweater binge lately. I just realized while uploading these photos, this is the 4th grey sweater I have purchased just this year! This ultra feminine pullover was my first purchase from Chic Wish and I was really pleasantly surprised! I am always so nervous the first time I am shopping at a new online store because you can never be totally sure of what you are getting, and I have been really let down in the past. This is the first and only thing I purchased from Chic Wish, and I was really quite pleased with what I got! The product looks exactly like it does in the photos, and the quality was really nice. It was thick, and soft, and really measured up well with what I thought I was getting so I will definitely be a returning customer! 

Spring in Seattle can still be a bit on the cooler side, the best way to dress warmly but still in the spirit of spring... is to go pastel! I get so many compliments on this coat. I was just at Neiman Marcus the other day and the woman I was working with was so surprised when I told her it was only $39 at Forever21. Everyone who asks me about it always says it looks more expensive then it is. I know I have bashed on Forever21 in the past, but I really think that if you take the time to look, you can find some nice things that look more high-end if you pair it right. 


  1. Love your outfit! Love the detailing on that and also your coat is amazing!!


  2. This is so pretty and perfect for spring! :) I love your Gucci bag, I have a bamboo one hihi! :) x

    1. Thank you! I've seen the bamboo shoppers, they are so classic!! <3

  3. Love the coat. You look stunning! :)


  4. Love the bag! It seems like the perfect size :)


    1. It totally is! This is probably the best designer purchase of mine so far!