May 23, 2016

Skirt: similar // Top: similar

This outfit is an outtake from a recent style video that I am currently working on (you can see my other ones here). However, I loved the outfit enough to want to feature it in a blog post as well :) The majority of this ensemble is actually really inexpensive, I got the top and the skirt from forever21 a long time ago. Together they were probably under $50, and the gold accents on my bag and shoes are just a way to tie it all together.

I recently watched the Yves Saint Laurent movie that can be found on Netflix, if you are a fashion lover I highly highly recommend it! YSL has been my favorite brand for a while, but the movie just solidified that feeling. There is just so much passion and intensity that comes along with being a successful artist and that sensation is just captured in the movie so well. My favorite character was actually his partner, Pierre Berge. The film does an excellent job depicting their relationship and the struggle and sacrifices that go hand in hand with loving a man who is married to his art.

"We do not know where taste comes from, or instinct. No one can teach you. Wherever we come from, we are born alone with it."  - Pierre Berge 


  1. Girl, you look so stylish! So on point!
    I can’t wait to see your new outfit!

    Diana Cloudlet

  2. Such a great dress, I love the texture!

    Ashton | Instagram